Welcome Nerds!

Did you know that the internet was invented by Physicists at CERN in the 1980s? I did! Do you know how I learned that? Wikipedia!

Wikipedia is the best part of the internet next to www.ldindustries.ca. While your English or Social teacher might not think it's a reliable source for information, the fact of the matter is most of the science stuff on there is pretty solid as few people care enough about neutrinos to change all of the entries as a gag. That means it can be a go to place for information about our first love, Physics.

However, if you've ever tried to read some of those articles, you probably got bogged down because of all the difficult to read language, weird terms and complicated formulae. Don't you wish there was a Wikipedia just for the stuff we study in high school physics?

I do. Let's build one.

The project works like this:

1. Each of you will write articles about topics you learn about in Physics. You can pick topics you already know a lot about or topics you're a little confused on as well. Don't feel like you have nothing to write on, there's lots of different terms, ideas, concepts you can build a page on.
2. Research your topic, write your article and cite all of your resources, just like the real Wikipedia. As you'll find, there is lots of information available on the internet about physics just waiting to be read, watched, listened to and hyperlinked.
3. View other students' work, comment on it, change it (for the better), and work together to build the ultimate study and reference tool.

Questions? Comments? I want to know about them!


Happy Hacking!