Electromagnetic Radiation and the Spectrum

EMR is a form of energy emitted and absorbed by charged particles, which are in a wave-like movement. It has electric and magnetic properties that oscillate perpendicular to each and to energy. Each radiation has a fixed speed, the speed of light, which is 3.0x 10(power of eight). The electromagnetic radiation deals with a smaller form an electromagnetic field, which produces moving charges. The “unit” for all charges with EMR is the photon, dealing with the quantum of the electromagnetic radiation interaction.


(This diagram is a portion of the visible light spectrum that is missing in the one above, it shows the wavelengths of the rainbow)

The electromagnetic spectrum is dealing with all the different types of waves of light. It goes in the order: radio waves, micro-waves, infrared, visible light (ROYGBIV), ultra violet, X-rays, and gamma rays. The largest wavelength starts at radio waves and works its way down the spectrum when it finally gets to the smallest wave which is gamma rays. It is complete vise versa for frequency; the smallest frequency is represented by radio waves, which works its way higher up the spectrum until it reaches gamma rays, leaving them with the highest frequency. On the graph above it represents the real life sizes of wave lengths and frequencies would be if we could see them.


By:Heather Massicotte

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