So, you're not sure where to start?

There are a lot of topics in Physics 30, so it can be difficult to pick a starting point. Here are a few ideas to get you started on some posts:

- If you'd like a list of all the idea we've gone through in the class, check out my website at , go to the Physics 30 section and check out the POS Checklists.

- Pick an idea you liked. It's easier to write on something you thought was cool.

- Pick an idea you really didn't understand. Now's your chance to learn more about it and figure it out before the exam that's worth 50% of your overall grade.

- Multiple pages are ok. If a page already exists, add to it. If you unknowingly make a page at the same time as someone else, just get together with that person and combine the two pages into one super-page.

When all else fails, just pick anything. I would like posts on EVERYTHING in Physics 30 by the time I'm done (that may be several semesters from now), so no topic is too small. Besides, you're not marrying your topic. Just pick something and start to write.